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PPC Advertising

Person holding a tablet computerPPC, or “Paid-Per-Click” Advertising is another service we can offer through our partners at TNT Solutions. With it, they can craft a customized online campaign to feature a specific service at your business or even a special offer. As part of this, TNT will build a unique landing page from scratch, and their dedicated PPC team will spend your budget like it is coming out of their very own pocket. They’ll take a very conservative, yet effective approach that has shown to consistently get results. Their campaigns typically convert about 50-80% whereas the industry standard is usually a dismal 1-3%.

Plus, TNT will not take a percentage of your PPC budget for themselves like many other companies. This incentivizes them to keep your campaign lean and efficient because, at that point, it’s like they are spending their own money. All of their fees are flat, transparent, and you’ll always have access to hard numbers to see how your campaign is going.


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Geotargeting is a practice where your marketing campaign is aimed at customers in a specific market in order to grow a certain portion of your practice. This could include a neighboring town or a large employer in your area. When utilizing this strategy, we won’t simply blast the area with advertising and waste your budget. We’ll keep the spending minimal so we can get the absolute most out of every dollar, because as your practice grows, so do we.