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PPC Advertising

“Pay-Per-Click" advertising, or PPC, is another effective marketing strategy available through our partnership with WEO Media. Together, we can craft a customized online campaign that helps get your practice website in front of more search engine users. This campaign can also be used to promote a unique service or procedure. During the set-up, the dedicated team at WEO Media will build a campaign designed to convert visitors who engage with your ad.

What sets us apart?

We Know Dentists. We've been in the dental marketing space for over 10 years; during that time, we've built an extensive list of keywords, negative keywords and ad copies that are uniquely effective for not only General Practitioners, but specialists and oral surgeons as well.

Stringent Location Targeting. Unlike most other agencies, we only show your ads to prospective patients that are actually in your area, not just any random user. For example, we won't show your Chicago ad to someone in California just because they searched "dental implants in Chicago." This means your ad spend goes directly toward local traffic that is much more likely to convert into new patients.

Ad Scheduling & Tracking. We only run your ad when your office is open, making sure that someone is there to pick-up the phone, schedule an appointment and answer questions. We also track each call that was placed as a result of the ad, giving us and you a solid indication of how well your ad is performing.

We Don't Pad Our Numbers. We make sure no ad budget is being spent on searches that specifically target the practice or the doctors. From the very beginning, we use negative keywords to stop your ad from being shown when someone is already looking for you, because you're sure to be the first organic (non-paid) result. By not doing this, other agencies essentially turn a free search into a paid one and claim their ad brought you new patients that you would have gotten anyway.

Extensions. Extensions are extra pieces of information you can put into your Google Ad that help it stand out from your competitor's ads and encourage more user engagement. We use extensions to feature things like your Google Business Profile, prominently display your phone number, callout certain features about you or your practice, add direct links to other dental services on your website, and more! Extensions help increase CTR (click-through rate) and ad quality.

Active Monthly Management. Each month, your dedicated Google Ads Specialist will check the performance of your account and make changes and updates, perform audits, and examine search data to help optimize your campaign. By checking into each click your ad receives and building your negative keywords, your ad campaign is in good hands.

What's the End Result? Better numbers. According to an industry expert* the average CPC (cost-per-click) for Dentists was $6.42 in 2021. With SMS and WEO Media, the average for all of our clients was $3.28, nearly 50% less expensive. Additionally, we maintained a 4.12% conversion rate on those clicks, resulting in far better ROI for our clients than the industry standards.

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