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Traditional & Online Marketing for Lawyers & Law Firms

Scales of justiceBeing a lawyer is time consuming enough, and when you try to add running a successful business on top of that, there simply isn’t enough hours in the day to do both well. At Strategic Marketing Solutions, we’re ready to handle all of your marketing needs so you can spend more time focusing on what really matters: your clients. Working with our highly-experienced team, we’ll help you put together marketing campaigns that truly reflect who you are and are designed to appeal to the type of client you want coming through your doors. 

Direct Mail Postcards for Lawyers & Law Firms

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Despite all of the technological advances we enjoy today, direct mail marketing still gets the best response rate by far compared to email and internet ads. Most online campaigns have less than a 1% response rate, while direct mail has an impressive 4.4%. At SMS, we can help you design the post cards that will be sent out, put together a curated mailing list so you’re targeting the right people, and we’ll handle physically sending them out as well.

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Graphic Design for Lawyers & Law Firms

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The graphics associated with your practice are very powerful, as they help tell your story and reflect your brand without words, appealing to people’s subconscious much faster than they can read. Something as simple as the color palette on your website and other marketing materials can completely change who they appeal to. Our design team can help you not only find the right look for your marketing, but turn it into a reality as well so all you have to do is give the final approval. Once you like what you see, we can make sure your branding appears on everything associated with your practice, from online ads to internal documents to post cards and more.

Logo Design for Lawyers & Law Firms

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The right logo can instantly grab someone’s attention and let them know what a practice is all about. What does your logo say about you? Is it putting the right message out into the world? If not, our team of experts can help you design a brand new logo or update the one you already have to give it new life. We’ll put together a panel of prototypes so you can find the perfect graphics and font that reflect your brand. We’ll distill everything that makes you unique into one image that will instantly stick in people’s minds.

Full-Service Printing for Lawyers & Law Firms

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Law firms, whether they are big or small, typically have HUGE printing needs. On top of all the necessary forms, you also need things like business cards, stationary, invoices, and much more. SMS would be happy to take care of any large-scale printing jobs you have, and we’ll also make sure everything connected to your practice looks professional and contains your branding. We’ll do all the hard work so that all you have to do is give your approval before we send things to the printer.

Call Tracking for Lawyers & Law Firms

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Call tracking is by far one of the most useful and versatile tools we offer. With it, we cannot only monitor the effectiveness of your different marketing campaigns (by applying a unique phone number to your online and traditional marketing), but we can also see the date, time, and duration of calls coming into your practice. This information can help you figure out the true ROI of your marketing, plus you can even choose to record your calls so you can help train your staff and improve your customer service.

Custom Websites for Lawyers & Law Firms

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Your website is your digital business card, and it’s the first thing 90% of your potential clients will see concerning your practice. Creating a site that is immaculately designed, true to your brand, and built for conversion is an art unto itself, and thankfully, we have a team of experts who have been doing exactly that for nearly two decades. Using your input, we’ll put together your online image from the ground up, writing the code, making unique graphics, and writing personalized copy that will help your business grow with every click.

Organic SEO & Pay-Per-Click Ads (PPC) for Lawyers & Law Firms

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There are as many websites as there are stars in the sky, so making sure yours is easily found by the clients you want to attract is extremely important to your firm’s long-term success. SMS can design your website so that it’s guaranteed to pop up on the first page of results for key search terms you want to be found for, and we can help you create paid-search campaigns as well. These will focus on a specific service or offer you’d like to feature, and we can create a unique landing page for each one that’s built for conversion. And, unlike other marketing companies, we won’t use any of your PPC budget to pay ourselves. Every dollar you spend will be put into your campaign and helping your business grow.