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Direct Mail Marketing for Small Businesses

Woman checking mailYes, we are living in the digital age, but direct mail remains one of the most powerful tools to capture the attention of potential new customers.  Direct mail produces the best response rates (4.4%) compared to other mediums such as email (0.12%), paid search (0.22%) and display ads (0.04%)  (Direct Marketing Association). 8 out of 10 people still read their mail daily!

Among all types of direct mail, postcards are the most likely to be read, with over 50% of U.S households saying that they will read them (USPS Household Diary Study, 2012). And, postcards actually have the best response rate compared to other types of direct mail as well:

  • Letter size envelope: 8.8%
  • Catalog not in envelope: 12.6%
  • Postcards: 21.8%

We Create a lot of Postcards for Our Clients… Because They Work!

Man looking at mail

The most important factor in direct mail success is the mailing list you will use. Strategic Marketing Solutions will help you target the right people for your business. We can help you do a simple local saturation mailing campaign or generate more sophisticated lists that use demographic information like age, household income, etc. After we get your list put together, we’ll help you design just the right mailer to grab your audience’s attention.

The BEST Paper Stock Quality

Stack of postcards

We strive to inject quality into every single aspect of your marketing campaign with us, and when it comes to direct mail marketing, it all starts with the paper stock. We keep only the highest quality stock on hand so that as soon as a future customer touches your postcard, you’ll immediately have their attention. Based on just the quality of our stock, we can absolutely guarantee that the bulk of your postcards will be read, and before you know it, your phones will be ringing off the hook.

Learn More About Our Paper Stock Quality

Custom Mailing Lists

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Are you looking to get customers from a certain area? Has a big business opened up near you and you want to attract their employees? We can help you put together a custom mailing list so you can talk directly to the people you’re trying to get. We can create lists based on zip codes, local employers, and even people who’ve just moved to your area. Our custom mail marketing strategies are built on precision so we can guarantee you’ll get fantastic results.

Learn More About Custom Mailing Lists

Bulk Mail Management

Large scale printing machines

The term “bulk mail” refers to large quantities of mail being prepared and sent for a reduced postage. Bulk prices are much lower than “single-piece” prices, so by using bulk mail, we easily can save you hundreds of dollars on your direct mail campaign before it even reaches mailboxes. We’ll handle the extra preparation so all you have to do is sit and wait for the new customers to roll in.

Design and Message

Computer with design software open

We’ve made our livelihood in direct mail marketing since 2003, even longer when you count the time before we formed Strategic Marketing Solutions, so we know a thing or two about messaging and design.

If you love your branding, we’ll help you integrate it into a great looking layout. Or if you need an image makeover, we can do that too!

We’ll also help you communicate your services in the most compelling way possible by creating an offer that your target clients simply can’t resist. Call us today at (866) 531-3383 to tell us about your direct mail needs.