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Dental Postcard Marketing

Person drawing on postcardIf you’re looking to grow your current customer base or find customers for a new office, dental postcard marketing may be a great option. The Strategic Marketing Solutions team is here to help you build a thriving small business. If you would like to find out more, call our team to learn what we can do for you. At Strategic Marketing Solutions, we focus on just small businesses, so we know the ins and ours of several fields and how best to get information about what makes your office unique out to all of your potential customers. It all starts with a call, so reach out to our team to get started today.

How Dental Postcard Marketing Works

Man checking the mailDental postcard marketing or direct mail campaigns work by putting information about your office directly into the hands of potential customers. Research indicates that 79% or more of people who receive direct mail advertising will take the time to read the information presented to them. Of this 79%, half of the families will make a purchase based on these advertisements several times each year. Dental postcard marketing gets your name and branding before a wide range of customers, and studies indicate that many of them will at least consider reaching out for to your team.

Why You Should Consider Dental Postcard Marketing

Stylized postcardsIf you’re opening up a new office or you want to expand your customer base, dental postcard marketing may allow you to get your name and practice branding in front of 100s or 1000s of potential customers. Some of the many reasons small businesses choose to direct mail dental marketing postcards include:

  • Get your name and branding in the public eye for new businesses or to grow existing businesses
  • Promote specials, new procedures, and other services you would like to do more of in your office
  • Get more referrals from local physicians or other Get more referrals from other businesses if you’re a specialist
  • Get existing customers to consider visiting you for new services
  • Win back old customers who may not be happy with their new dental office

How Strategic Marketing Solutions Helps

Woman checking mailThe Strategic Marketing Solutions team only works with small businesses to create effective direct mail campaigns. We know the dental market, and we can help you get new customers, get your current customers through the door for different services, and expand your customer base by educating and informing customers about the treatments available in your practice. Get more referrals from other businesses and dental teams trust us with their direct mail marketing campaigns because we provide a point person who will always handle your campaign and help you succeed. Our custom reports are sent directly to you, so you know that you’re succeeding in campaign goals. In addition to this dedication to communication and commitment to deliver results, our Get more referrals from other businesses and dental teams have seen real success using our dental postcard marketing plans. We can also provide custom mailing lists for your office to find the right customers in targeted areas.