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Want to Increase Website Conversion? Try These 3 Tips!

October 4, 2022

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You spend a certain amount of money every month on marketing, hoping to draw in potential customers. These days, when so many people spend most of their time online, your marketing budget goes to bringing people to your website. You probably have invested quite a bit in getting your custom website up to date and making it look professional, but simply having more people go to your site isn’t the ultimate goal, right? How can you get more visitors to convert into revenue and actually make an appointment? Keep reading to learn three techniques to increase website conversion.

Make Your Website Conversion Friendly

Have you ever visited a website that looked nice but ultimately didn’t meet your needs? If your site isn’t already, you need to make it user friendly. To accommodate those who spend time on your website, your site must guide them to contact you. Simplify the process of connecting with your business by having clear contact information readily available. In fact, you may want to offer the convenient ability to schedule an appointment directly on the site.

Follow Up with a Postcard

Did you know that online marketing is actually less effective than direct-mail marketing? While you should certainly continue your online presence and keep your website clean and updated, you may want to consider reaching your target audience through a well-crafted postcard. Not only will this other medium allow you to put your business in readers’ and visitors’ minds, but it can give them multiple ways they can contact you. As a result, you can see a vast improvement in new customers, especially if you maintain this strategy over time!

Use Follow-Up Ads for Those Who Visit Your Site

When someone goes to your site, you can use cookies that enable them to show up in ads on other sites. Through these and other innovations, you can specifically target your online ads to people who visit your website. Instead of using a wide, general blanket for customers in your area, you may take full advantage of Google or Facebook ads and direct them to people who have already shown interest in your company or business. When you use follow-up ads, you can remind past visitors to schedule an appointment.

Ultimately, you may already be bringing in enough traffic to your website, but now you need to have more conversion. By capitalizing on your website visitors and following these tips, you can see a higher return on your marketing investment and see your revenue increase.

About Strategic Marketing Solutions

Strategic Marketing Solutions offers comprehensive marketing to small businesses, mostly law firms and dental practices. In addition to direct mail marketing and website design, we also can provide geofencing, banner printing, and SEO services as well. Would you like to learn more about how Strategic Marketing Solutions could help your business thrive? Reach out to us through our Contact Us page or give us a call!

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