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Designing the Perfect Direct Mailer

October 18, 2021

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woman designing a direct mailer on her computer

Before the holiday season hits, you’ve planned a big special offer from your business, and you’re hoping to spread the word with a postcard. But is your direct mailer well designed? A lackluster postcard won’t do you much good because people won’t read it. Read on to learn some design principles that can help you as you create an effective direct mailer that won’t be thrown directly into the trash.

Highlight Benefits

In addition to your contact information and logo, the benefits of using your business can be an effective prominent feature on your direct mailer. Special offers and benefits can communicate reasons for contacting your business and create a sense of urgency, motivating customers to act on your special offer.

Choose Your Imagery Wisely

A well-chosen image can leave a powerful, positive impression on your audience. However, the opposite is also true. A poor image can turn the recipients off to your business. Although your direct mailer likely isn’t a huge piece, select high resolution photos to avoid blurriness or pixilation. Also, instead of a busy photo, go with a simple one to keep

Stick to One or Two Fonts

It can be tempting to use several fancy fonts in the same mailer, but it can easily overwhelm your design. Choose a couple of different fonts at most for consistency. You  can use various sizes of the same font for more visual interest.

Use White Space Effectively

At first, you may think spacing out all the information evenly on your mailer will help it be more successful. However, this kind of design can fail to lead your audience to a focal point. It’s okay and even necessary to use white space to guide the eye where you want it to go, namely your contact information.

Make Sure Tracking Information Is Working

After you’ve gone through the trouble of creating a direct mailer with a special tracking number or QR code, the last thing you want is for it to direct your audience to the wrong place. Test out your tracking number and other information before you send your mailers so that everyone can be properly accounted for.

Get Professional Help

If you’re feeling overwhelmed at this point, you don’t have to design your postcard on your own. Strategic Marketing Solutions caters specifically to small businesses and can put together a successful campaign for you from beginning to end, reducing your stress and increasing the rate of response to your direct mailer.

One of the best ways to bring in more customers is to send out a postcard that catches the eye, communicates your message, and leaves a lasting impression on the recipients. It all starts with a solid design!

About Strategic Marketing Solutions

After building up the marketing departments of several firms, Travis Russell founded Strategic Marketing Solutions. We only help small businesses, such as dental practices and law firms, reach local markets and believe in complete transparency. We share all the results of the campaign with you and do everything we can to attract the right kind of customer for your business. If you would like to know how we can help your business grow through marketing, you can contact us online here.

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