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Timing Your Direct Mail Campaign for Busy Seasons

August 27, 2021

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This year has flown by, hasn’t it? Can you believe 2021 is more than halfway over? For many industries, we are now entering the time of year when business really picks up. For instance, dental practices usually see an influx of patients trying to get ready for school with checkups and cleanings, and many patients rush to use their insurance benefits before the end of the year. Retail stores are also gearing up for the profitable holiday season. In other words, it’s almost busy season for many businesses out there!

But what does this mean for your company’s direct mail campaign? How can you maximize your investment in marketing efforts to have a successful busy season? Read on to find out.

Why Timing Matters

Imagine you get an invitation to a party or a wedding in the mail, but the event is only days away. You haven’t had time to fit it into your schedule, so you decide not to go. The same can happen with an ill-timed direct mail campaign. If you send out your postcards with limited promotions or deals too late, you’re less likely to have many positive responses. A time-sensitive marketing strategy, when well executed, can help you see truly amazing results in your business’s revenue, but it can hurt your business if carried out too late.

Preparing for Your Busy Season

Long before your busy season begins, you need to have direct mail going out to your customer base. For example, in preparation for the summer busy season, an HVAC company should start sending out reminders for AC maintenance in early spring and heater maintenance in early autumn. For dental practices, postcards about taking advantage of insurance benefits need to go out in August to convince patients to book their appointments sooner rather than later, when the schedule tends to fill up quickly. If you wait until your busy season is already in full swing, your response rates will suffer, and you may not get as much return on your investment as you otherwise could.

Working with Your Direct Mail Vendor

As you look ahead to your busy season, whenever it happens for your industry, you need to make sure your direct mail vendor can work within your time frame and get the postcards out in front of your target customers with plenty of time to spare. Make sure you know upfront what you can expect and when they can deliver.

In the end, when you send out your direct mailers matters. By being proactive and anticipating your busy seasons, you can stay ahead of the curve and help more customers take advantage of your products or services. Getting out your postcards early can give your business a leg up on the competition and bring in more revenue for the second half of 2021.

About Strategic Marketing Solutions

Strategic Marketing Solutions is a full-service marketing company that specializes in serving small businesses. We don’t just create, print, and mail postcards; we create a customized strategy to reach your target audience in the most efficient way possible through direct mail, PPC advertising, organic SEO, and more. If you would like to send direct mail advertisements in time for your busy season, you can contact Strategic Marketing Solutions through our website.

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