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4 Tips for Marketing to Low-Income Customers

July 16, 2021

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As a small, local business, you depend on certain areas around you. Especially in the case of dental practices, as much as you’d like it to happen, you can’t necessarily expect affluent customers to travel from far away to your office. In your geofencing and marketing efforts, don’t forget to target an important group that often gets overlooked—low-income consumers. At first, targeting this demographic may seem simple or unnecessary, but it often has untapped potential and requires a more creative approach. How do you convince this audience to spend their limited funds on your product or services? Read on to find out!

Disregard Stereotypes

It can be easy to jump to conclusions or make judgements about your audience, particularly if you do not live in that area too. In this case, your target audience may be located in a low-income area, but that doesn’t mean that the price is the only thing that matters to them. In fact, studies have shown that low-income households are willing to pay if they see the value in the deal, especially if it helps with educational or economic progression. Your job is to help them see that what you’re selling is well worth the cost.

Focus on Specific Benefits

When explaining the value of your products or services, you need to avoid using generalizations. They are often too broad to appeal to anyone, including low-income consumers. For instance, for a dental practice “Have a Confident Smile” is nice, but it doesn’t have the importance of a phrase like this: “Walk Confidently into Your Job Interview with a Beautiful Smile.” Be specific about why spending money in this way is smart and can help them!

Create Packages of Services or Products

If you don’t already, consider offering a special deal on your services or products. It’s a great way to attract consumers of any income bracket, but low-income customers are particularly aware of the cost savings. By combining services or even just offering one service at a discounted rate, you’re sure to have some interested customers knocking on your door.

Meet Their Needs Where They Are

Although a direct mail campaign can be successful with low-income customers, you should be trying to reach your target audience in multiple ways. For instance, this group spends more time on social media and online than any other income population, according to Nielson research. In addition to postcards in the mail, Google or Facebook ads would be a smart marketing investment for targeting this group specifically.

Ultimately, appealing to low-income customers isn’t drastically different from working with a more affluent group. Yes, they may be more limited in their spending, but when they see value, they can make loyal, enthusiastic customers for your small business.

About Strategic Marketing Solutions

Strategic Marketing Solutions is a turn-key, full marketing service that specifically helps small businesses grow and succeed. In our geofencing services, we can put together a targeted direct mail list and also create a customized digital ad campaign, reaching your customers in many ways simultaneously. Other services we offer includes SEO, PPC advertising, signage, and more. To learn more about our services, you can contact Strategic Marketing Solutions through our website here.

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