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Marketing Through COVID-19: How to Reach Your Customers During a Pandemic

August 14, 2020

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You wear a mask everywhere you go, and you try to stay at least six feet away from others. There’s no doubt—COVID-19 has changed your life. If you’re a small business owner, you probably feel its effects even more profoundly. Not only have you endured months of lockdown, but you’ve likely also had to function at reduced capacity while a global pandemic continues to spread. Right now, you need to have a strong strategy for keeping your business afloat. Read on to learn what you can do to improve your small business marketing during the pandemic.

Move Forward, Even When Others Pull Out

During these lean months, many business owners—perhaps you included—have been tempted to cut their marketing budgets. However, that is not the answer. While other businesses withdraw communication, now more than ever, you need let your customers know you’re still here for them.

If you’re struggling to cover payroll and other necessary expenses, you can apply for assistance or loans specifically meant for small businesses during the pandemic. These programs can help you avoid layoffs and continue to progress, despite the current environment.

Reevaluate Your Customer Base

After so much commotion, your customers may have changed, and it can be helpful to reassess your target audience and their needs. Knowing more about your customers, their consuming behaviors, and their purchasing needs can help you adapt and succeed.

Customers may have questions about how your business will function throughout the pandemic. For example, do you deliver or offer car-side pickup? Have you implemented new health and safety protocols? Do you have new products or lower prices? Are you open during normal hours or do you have a shortened schedule? Can you connect or serve your customers virtually? Adapt your marketing strategy to answer these questions for your customers and let them know you’re taking this new situation seriously.

Your customers have been through a lot and are facing a brand-new set of issues like social distancing and lockdown. Think about how your products or services can meet their evolving needs.

Supplement Your Online Presence

Having a strong online marketing strategy is undoubtedly important in communicating your business’s story and reaching out to customers, but a direct mail campaign can further reinforce and strengthen your relationship. Although your customer base may be spending more time online, they are already bombarded with enough emails about COVID-19. Even if you send a simple postcard to let them know you care, you can create a loyal customer base that continues their patronage through thick and thin.

In the end, your marketing strategy could help make or break your business in the months and years to come. The last thing you should do during this crisis is sit and wait it out. Choose to be proactive and show your customers that your business is valuable to them.

About Strategic Marketing Solutions

Strategic Marketing Solutions is a full-service marketing company specifically geared for small, local businesses. Our services include direct mail, call tracking, organic search engine optimization, and pay-per-click advertising. If you have questions about our services or would like to create a marketing strategy through the pandemic, you can contact us by clicking here.

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