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4 Tactics to Make Your Political Campaign Postcards Stand Out

October 15, 2019

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You’ve decided to run for public office. You’re sure that you’d make an excellent choice and that you could do a lot of good for the community, but how do you communicate that to your pool of voters? You could spend excessive amounts of money on posters, buttons, and other traditional forms of advertising, but you want to reach as many voters as possible and make a positive impression quickly. Political campaign postcards delivered via direct mail allow you to do just that. In this blog post, you’ll learn some tactics you can use to make your outreach more successful and win the vote!

Use Color Contrast for Your Call to Action

As a politician, your goal is obviously to get people to vote for you, but you have only a split second to attract the attention of voters with your postcard. Putting your call to action in a contrasting color is a great way to capture people’s eyes. Whether you choose to have a brightly colored font against a dark postcard or a bold, dark color with a bright background, make your call to action pop out and encourage voters to learn more about you and your stance and choose you come Election Day.

Share Your Message

Most voters don’t take the time to fully research each candidate’s full platform, so it is important to create a short and sweet version for your campaign postcard. That way, they can see at a glance what your goals are and where you stand on certain issues. You can include this information either on the front or the back of the postcard, depending on your preferences. Either way, you’ll be able to inform more voters and help them determine whether they should vote for you.

Utilize Eye-Catching Fonts

In addition to color contrast, you need to make sure that the fonts you choose, particularly for the main call to action, are both eye catching and easily readable. There is a place for fancy fonts, but your campaign postcard is not one of them. Your voters shouldn’t have to work in order to understand your postcard—just take a look at your postcard and get a positive impression of you and your platform.

Send Postcards More Than Once

People can be forgetful, so it’s important to send more than just one set of campaign postcards. You should consider putting out multiples of your main campaign postcard and then some smaller postcards reminding them about the voting date. This strong presence will allow your name to stay fresh in voters’ minds, which could be the difference between victory and defeat.

At the polls, you want voters to feel confident choosing you for that position. You can accomplish that by clearly and effectively communicating with them through simple, memorable campaign postcards. Are you ready to step up your campaign’s outreach? Get started with a direct mail specialist today!

About Strategic Marketing Solutions

Strategic Marketing Solutions is a comprehensive marketing service company for small businesses and politicians. Predominantly focused on direct mail, we are able to design and send custom postcards to promote political campaigns and create a unique marketing strategy that can win the vote. If you would like to get a quote from Strategic Marketing Solutions, you can call (541) 772-0212 or click here.

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