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3 Common Mistakes That Small Businesses Make with Direct Mail

August 13, 2019

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You’ve worked hard to create and grow your business, and you’re looking for ways to bring more people into your front door. With all the different ways to contact your targeted audience, it can be challenging to know what will work best. Well, direct mail allows you to continually attract new patients or customers, but you need to avoid some common mistakes that business owners make to ensure that you don’t leave thousands of dollars sitting in people’s mailboxes.

Switch to Online Marketing Only

With as much time as people spend on their phones or staring at a computer, you would think that online marketing would be the optimal way to bring in more patients or customers. Despite our modern dependence on digital media, direct mail still proves to be the most effective way to get a response from consumers. Whereas email, paid search, and display ads evoke less than 1 percent response, direct mail gets a 4.4 percent response rate. It certainly is alright to devote some of the marketing budget to attract people online, but it is unwise to shift it all to Facebook and Google ads.

Cut the Marketing Budget

When times are tough or business is slow, it can be tempting to reduce the marketing budget to save on expenses. Don’t do it! Even if your business is flourishing, do not give in to the urge to cut your budget for marketing. The problem is that without a strong marketing strategy and budget to back it up, you won’t reach as many potential patients or customers. As a result, your revenue can suffer the consequences. Although marketing does require some spending, your return on the investment should more than make up for it. Set a marketing budget and stick with it through thick and thin.

Try New Marketing Strategies

If your current marketing plan isn’t working, by all means you should consider and try different strategies that will help your business get the response you want and continue to grow. On the other hand, if you are seeing positive progress resulting from your marketing campaign, don’t mess with success. Making unnecessary adjustments to your direct mail can have a negative impact on your business’s revenue. As the saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

You can learn from marketing experts who have the knowledge to see what tactics work to bring more revenue. In general, their experience indicates that direct mail is still the most effective way to reach your intended audience. Once you’ve found a strategy that works for your business, stay on track so that you can reap the benefits!

About Strategic Marketing Solutions

Dedicated to helping small businesses attract local customers, Strategic Marketing Solutions is a full-service direct mail marketing company. They offer custom design, print, and mail services and complimentary call tracking and marketing analytics so that their customers are always aware of the effectiveness of their marketing. To learn more about Strategic Marketing Solutions, call (541) 772-0212 or click here.

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