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5 Reasons Why You Should Use Direct Mail for Small Businesses

June 15, 2019

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You want to get the word out about your small business. You’re looking to find and reach more customers, but how? Should you focus your marketing efforts on online ads or email blasts? Believe it or not, direct mail for small businesses is actually the way to go to attract more customers. This method may seem archaic, but about 80 percent of Americans still read their mail every day. This channel of communication with potential customers is an untapped resource for building and expanding your business’s customer base. Below are five reasons why this technique is a great place to start in your marketing strategy.

Specifically Target Your Desired Audience

Are you interested in attracting a particular customer base? Is there an area or demographic that you’d like to focus on in your marketing strategy? With direct mail, you can target a campaign on a specific set of people, helping you grow your business the way you want it.

Control the Number of Responses

Although other marketing methods, such as running an advertisement, can reach many people, you run the risk of having an overwhelming response. If you’re not equipped to handle a powerful response, you can damage your relationship with potential customers, which in turn could hurt your business. Instead, you can use direct mail and limit the recipients to a suitable number for your capacity. As you grow and are able to take on more customers, you can gradually increase the recipients of your direct mail campaign.

Stay within Your Budget

Direct mail campaigns can be customized to fit any large or small budget and cost less than running an advertisement. In addition, although we live in an ever-increasingly digital world, direct mail still produces higher response rates than email, paid search ads, and display ads combined. As a result, you get more return on your investment by choosing direct mail marketing.

Send Mailing Materials Fast

Compared to advertisements in publications, direct mail is a fast, efficient way to get your brand and offers out to potential customers. Once you’ve created an appealing message and design, you can send them out to your desired audience without having to wait for another entity to publish and mail the final product. By the time the advertisement reaches your desired audience, they could have received at least two or three direct mail campaigns from you.

Test Different Offers

Because direct mail is an easy, fast way to reach many potential customers, it is also an opportunity to test offers. You can send out different offers and track the response rates. From the response to your campaigns, you can tell which messages resonate with your audience and which don’t, helping you refine your marketing strategy for even more results in the future.

If your ultimate goal is to have more customers come to you, direct mail can help you get your message out to the people you wish to contact. To make this process easier for you, you should consider choosing to use a marketing resource to help you determine where you should focus your direct mail efforts, create an effective strategy, and analyze the response data for improvement. Your business is ready to grow, so don’t wait to get started with direct mail!

About Strategic Marketing Solutions

Strategic Marketing Solutions is a full-service marketing company that helps small businesses appeal to their desired customers. We can perform many of the steps required to run a successful campaign, including creating postcards and custom mailing lists, managing bulk mail, and helping you develop the design and message of your direct mail. If you have questions regarding our services, you can call (541) 772-0212 or click here.

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