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The Importance of a Compelling Offer in Direct Mail for Dentists

April 17, 2019

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Your existing patients love you and your team. They feel comfortable in your office, and you’re great at established trusting relationships with your patients. You’re golden—once you get patients to come through the door, that is. The challenge is breaking out to new patients, letting them know you’re there and enticing them to come to you instead of a competitor. That’s where direct mail for dentists comes in. These attention-grabbing reminders in the mail keep your practice in their minds, so that when it comes time for the services you provide, you’re the one they turn to. But there’s an effective way to take your direct mail campaign to the next level: including a compelling offer with your direct mailers. In this post, learn about this strategy and how it can attract more patients.

What is the point of a compelling offer?

At first glance, providing a discount on a service may not seem like the best way to make more money. Sure, the offer can pull in a patient for that particular service. However, the real payoff for the special offer comes after you’ve provided excellent customer service and earned their trust. Then, when they need other dental services, they want to return to your office, bringing in more money for your practice. So don’t be afraid to discount a fair amount on certain services. You’ll be more likely to gain additional business from repeat patients in the future.

What role does an appealing offer play in a market strategy?

When you pair a well-timed direct mailer with attractive service discounts, you can bring in many more prospective patients to your practice. Direct mailers can be targeted to customized mailing lists and areas, enabling you to specifically appeal to a set of potential patients. By implementing offers into your direct mail campaign, you’re using your marketing money wisely and will see an increase in the calls you receive.

How does an attractive offer affect those who get direct mailers?

Everyone likes to save money on things they need and want. Providing a discount on certain services can give potential patients the chance to act on dental services that they’ve wanted for a long time. On the flip side, some people are willing to spend money because they are afraid of not taking advantage of a good deal. In other words, they have the fear of missing out (FOMO) on significant savings, so they choose to buy a particular product or service, even if they haven’t seriously considered it before that moment. In dentistry, you can set an offer that would make prospective patients feel silly if they passed it by.

In the end, getting the right patients in the chair is the ultimate goal, and including an offer in your direct mail campaign is an excellent method of reaching out to and provoking interest in more potential patients. As you consider what discounts to offer, you can consult with your marketing company to become familiar with what kinds of discounts work in the industry. They can help you decide on offers that will be the most effective in appealing to new patients.

About the Author

Strategic Marketing Solutions is a direct marketing company that specifically caters to dental practices wanting to get more local customers. With full services including custom design, print, and mailing, they also track subsequent phone calls to provide accurate analytics and show the effectiveness of their marketing strategies. To contact them with questions, you can call (541) 772-0212 or click here.

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