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Making the Most of Your Marketing Campaign

March 15, 2019

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Young Woman laughing At The DentistIf you’re starting up a direct mail marketing campaign, you want to make the most of your investment and reach the right audience. If you’re like most dentists, getting in touch with the right audience, knowing how to design your postcard, and even deciding what to put on your card can be a challenge. How do you stand out in a pile of “junk” mail? In this post, we’re going to talk about our top four tips to maximize your direct mail marketing results.

1 – Brag About Your Amenities

It’s no secret to most dentists that people don’t like going to their dental office. The best dentists put in the effort to change their patients’ minds by creating a comfortable and welcoming environment. If you have a complimentary beverage bar, free WiFi, or massaging exam chairs, tell your potential patients about them in your marketing materials. Research indicates that patients are less likely to skip their appointments when they feel like they have something to look forward to.

2 – Get New Patients to Your Office & Wow Them

The key to maximizing your return on investment for any ad campaign is to make sure you keep your new patients for years to come. You’ve likely heard the old saying that, “A fast penny is better than a slow dime,” but what if you can have both the penny and the dime? That’s what you should be aiming for when you bring new patients into the office. Even if you offer a discounted first visit, free consultation, or other special to get a new patient into your office, you can still look forward to a lifetime of income if you convince that patient to stay with your dental office. Bring them in for the fast penny. Then, blow them away with your exceptional service and care, and you’ll get the slow dime too.

3 – Target the Right People

Your direct mail campaign should be reaching out to the right people. That includes the best demographics for your dental office like age groups, zip codes, and others, but it also makes sense to be prepared with mailers that target even more specific groups. For instance, you might want to have a “new mover” post card to send once or twice a year for people who are new in town and looking for a new dental office. You can also come up with a mailer to send to inactive patients to entice them to come back to see you.

4 – Combine Google Ads & Direct Mail Marketing

Another great way to maximize the success of your direct mail campaign is to combine it with Google Ads, social media ads, and other paid marketing online. Say a potential client opens their mailbox, sees your beautiful postcard. Then, they pick up their cell phone immediately and dial your number. Great. However, most potential patients aren’t going to pick up their phone and call. They’re going to pick up their smartphone and search for your office. When you have consistent online and in print marketing, your new patient should find that same information, and be able to learn more – even if they “accidentally” threw out the postcard.

A free tip – make sure your whole team and anyone who may answer your phones knows about your direct mail and online marketing. There’s nothing more frustrating for a new patient than calling in about an exciting offer and talking to someone who knows nothing about it.

Work with the Strategic Marketing Solutions Team

At Strategic Marketing Solutions, we’ve done the research, and we know what marketing strategies work for dentists. We’ve seen huge success in direct mail campaigns for dental offices of all sizes, and we can help you find the right resources to create a seamlessly integrated marketing campaign. If you’re ready to learn more, call today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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