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Why is Having the Right Logo Essential to Dental Marketing?

December 17, 2018

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A workstation with the word “logo” displayed inside an application.When it comes to making first impressions, having a memorable logo makes a much bigger difference than you’d think. It doesn’t just help you stand out from the crowd; it’s also an effective jumping-off point for creating a first impression. First impressions matter in the business world, as 48 percent of consumers are more likely to become loyal to a brand when they purchase a product for the first time.

By nailing down your logo early, your dental marketing is likely to improve significantly. Here are four reasons why making a quality logo matters.


Standing Out in a Crowded Field

If you’ve reviewed websites from nearby competitors in the dental space, you’ll quickly learn that all of them have a logo that helps them stand out from the crowd. If your logo looks bland or very similar to other practices in the area, how is that logo accomplishing its goal? Since you’ll be relying on this logo in the long-term, making sure it stands out now should be one of the first points to keep in mind.

Establishing Identity

When creating a logo, you need to think about how that logo represents what you bring to the table as a dental practice. Logos appear on a wide variety of dental materials, including brochures, business cards, and your practice’s front windows or sign. If it’s going to be appearing consistently throughout the practice and your materials, it should be an accurate representation of what your practice delivers.

For example, if your practice puts an emphasis on family care, then you might want a logo that highlights this distinction. Perhaps you’re focus is staying on the cutting edge when it comes to dental technology and treatment. Both attributes can play a role in the final design of your practice’s logo.

Brand Recognition

While identity works to define exactly what your practice brings to the table, recognition is designed to make it easier for consumers to recall that logo. The easier people can recall what your logo references, the sooner they can associate that logo with the services you provide (in this case being high-quality dental services.) Furthermore, the more they see that logo, the more often they’re able to recognize that logo’s direct connection to your services and spread that to others who may not otherwise be aware.

Association with Professionalism

When you visit a business that doesn’t have a unique logo, it makes it much easier to categorize that business as unprofessional, even if it’s not true. People are more likely to associate a professional-looking logo with a business that is trustworthy and operates with professionalism. Of course, professionalism is also tied to other assets, including websites and marketing materials, but a logo provides cohesion and consistency to your practice’s identity.

After taking these points into consideration, it’s worth it to have your logo designed by professionals. Graphic designers keep all aspects in mind during the creation of your logo, including the colors, shapes, lines, typeface, slogans and other traits that can best define your practice. Consider hiring one today and start building your patient base!

About Strategic Marketing Solutions

Unlike other marketing firms, Strategic Marketing Solutions only works for dental practices. That means you’ll work with a graphic designer that understands your needs from a dental perspective. To have your next logo created or learn more about the most important aspects to consider, you can contact their team through their website.

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