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5 Tips to Get New Patients with Your Direct Mail Campaign

August 24, 2018

Close up man hand inserting ad paper into mailboxMany dental practices invest in direct mail campaigns that “blanket” a neighborhood in information about their office. Many times, these blanket materials end up tossed aside with barely a glance. A good direct mail campaign sends great offers to the right potential patients. At Strategic Marketing Solutions, we can help you with every step of your direct mail campaign – design, targeted contact lists, printing, mailing, and more. Keep reading to learn 5 key ways you can use a custom direct mail campaign from Strategic Marketing Solutions to attract new patients.

1 – Give them an Irresistible Offer

Many dentists make the mistake of investing in an entire direct mail campaign for an offer that not enough patients will need like 10% off a specific service. While this could attract a few patients who want to save money on a “big ticket” service, you’re better off providing a more universal offer that can appeal to a whole range of patients with a variety of oral health care needs. For instance, a free emergency exam, complimentary dental consultation, and other more general service offers may be more attractive to potential patients.

2 – Integrate Direct Mail & Google AdWords Campaigns

Research indicates that direct mail is actually still the best way to attract new patients to your dental office, but Google AdWords campaigns are quickly gaining in popularity and delivering better results. In fact, a direct mail campaign coupled with a similar digital advertising plan using AdWords can significantly increase your ROI.

3 – Social Media Ads Get New Patients

Social media ads are more than just posting on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. These advertisements allow you to target groups of people near you, in a certain age range, who work for specific employers, and a variety of other demographics. An integrated social media plan that builds on your direct mail campaign can create brand recognition. If patients see your social media add and later receive the direct mail materials, they’re more likely to pay attention and seek further information.

4 – Get Patient Feedback

Reviews are essential to getting new patients. More people than ever before are relying on that 5 Star rating to determine whether or not to visit a specific dental office. If you’ve got great reviews on social media platform, Google, Yelp, HealthGrades, and other sources, flaunt them! Tell your potential patients about the great reviews. You can even include reviews as part of your campaign.

5 – Have a Compelling Website

The majority of people who decide to take action after receiving a direct mail offer will start online. A compelling website with clear information about how to access the direct mail offer is essential to convert interest into action.

Meet the Strategic Marketing Solutions Team

When you’re ready to start your direct mail marketing campaign, call Strategic Marketing Solutions. We create custom direct mail campaigns for dental practices. We have worked with numerous dental offices to increase their patient count and annual profit. Let us get to work on your direct mail marketing campaign today.

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