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Will My Direct Mail Campaign Really Work?

June 16, 2018

Man giving thumbs up at dentist officeAs a direct mail marketing provider, we often get asked whether or not this marketing strategy really works. The truth is, a good direct mail marketing strategy will get more patients into your office even compared to digital marketing options. In this post, we’ll discuss some recent statistics regarding the efficacy of direct mail marketing campaigns – Yes, these are recent statistics!

Response Rates

Compared with email marketing, a personalized direct mail marketing campaign delivers a response rate 750% higher. Email is a proven way to follow up with existing patients, but to attract new clients, direct mail may be a better solution. For many dental practices, the ideal solution is to combine direct mail and electronic marketing campaigns.

Design the Card for Your Specific Audience

Just by sending personalized cards with the recipient’s name to a targeted list, you can increase your direct mail response rate by an additional 135%. Working with a marketing team is the best way to get access to this information and create individualized marketing lists to bring in the clients you need.

Attract Younger Demographic

Many dental offices believe that young people don’t respond to direct mail marketing. Actually, 93% of clients between 25 and 34 have responded to direct mail marketing, and 88% of these clients respond within six months. If you’re hoping to attract young people or growing families, direct mail marketing may be an effective way to start getting patients into your office.

Track Your Results

The only way to know for sure your direct mail campaign is working is to develop a system to keep track of your results. Partnering with the right marketing team will ensure that you know exactly how many new patients you get in the office. If your direct mail marketing campaign isn’t working, keeping track of the results ensures you can adjust your strategy and attract the right patients.

Meet the Strategic Marketing Solutions Team

At Strategic Marketing Solutions, we create personalized direct mail marketing plans specifically for dental offices. We understand dental markets and have years of experience working with dentistry practices to build their patient base. We work with dentists at every stage of the direct mail marketing process from post card design and creation to customized contact lists and follow up strategies. Call our Medford marketing team to learn more about how we can partner with you to create a successful direct mail marketing plan. We look forward to working with you.

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