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3 Reasons Direct Mail is Far from Dead

May 7, 2018

Two people looking at marketing planHave you been considering direct mail, but you’re worried that these marketing tools are a thing of the past? Actually, studies are increasingly indicating that patients are much more likely to respond to a direct mail flyer or postcard than they are to emails and other digital advertisements. In this post, we’ll talk about some of the reasons this may be the case.

1 – A Personal Touch

Take a second to really think about the number of marketing emails and digital adds you see on a daily basis. When is the last time you actually opened one of those emails or clicked on an ad? Every now and then, a well-timed email or interesting ad will probably catch your eye, but for the most part, you probably scroll right by or delete them without reading. Most potential customers will behave in the same way. When you send a postcard to these patients, you’re saying I care enough about you to take the time to design a mailer, pay for printing, and ship it to you. If you take the time to target the right people with your mailing list, that will likely translate into a much better response.

2 – Better Response Rates Than Email

In fact, emails to current patients receive a .6% response rate, and those sent to potential patients receive a dismal .3% response. Comparatively, current patients respond to direct mail 3% of the time, and new patients respond 9% of the time. That said, if you’re targeting new patients, direct mail may be your best option, but if you want to follow up with current patients, an email may work just fine. A combination of digital and direct mail marketing is often recommended to ensure you reach the right patients.

3 – The Physical Reminder

Even if patients happen to open and read or even save your email, it’s still pretty easy to forget about this digital file that patients may only look at once a day or less. Digital ads are gone in seconds, so unless the patient responds immediately, you may lose them. A post card will sit somewhere they may pass by it numerous times. It’s a physical reminder that they were interested in calling you to find out more or that they have an appointment coming up.

Meet the Strategic Marketing Solutions Team

At Strategic Marketing Solutions, we offer a variety of direct mail marketing services customized to build your dental practice. In fact, all of our clients are dentists, so we have a good understanding of how the field works and can help you maximize your return on investment in direct mail marketing. Ready to learn more? Give our team a call today. We’ll explain your marketing options with our team and help you find the right plan to meet your needs.

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