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3 Reasons the Right Direct Mailing List is so Important

March 21, 2018

Man getting mail from mailboxMany direct mail marketing companies push Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) plans, but it may actually be better to find a company that can offer a customized mailing list to get the right patients through your door. At Strategic Marketing Solutions, our team offers personalized direct mail marketing solutions. From your flawless design to the hands of your new patients, we are here to help dentists make the most of their direct mail investments.

1 – Dear Resident = Recycle Bin

Many dentists think that EDDM plans sound great. These mailing lists allow you to send a post card to every single home in a certain area. However, these mailings end up being very generic, and potential patients are more likely to toss your investment into their garbage. Many people will simply throw away a generic postcard the moment they see “Dear Resident.” Can you blame them? We are all inundated with “junk” mail. Your direct mail postcard should not be considered junk and using a custom mailing list is one way to ensure you’re reaching an audience that needs to hear from you. If you know who you’re mailing, you will also know whether or not they respond. This ensures you can accurately gauge your return on investment.

2 – Get the Right Patient for Your Office

If you’re an all adult-focused dental office, and you send out a postcard to an EDDM list, you may end up with all families with young children calling your office for appointments. That wastes your time and the time of potential patients. Instead of sending a message to everyone in an area, we encourage dentists to let our team create mailing lists customized to their unique needs. We can send lists to new residents, only families, only adults, or we can use a direct mail plan to let your current and potential patients know about a new service you’re providing.

3 – Up to Date Lists are Essential

In addition to targeting the right demographic, you need to make sure you’re reaching the people on your list. Some direct mail marketing agencies advertise custom mailing lists, but they don’t maintain and update their lists on a regular basis. Make sure to ask any direct mail marketing team you’re considering working with how often they update their mailing lists.

Meet the Strategic Marketing Solutions Team

Located in Medford, Oregon, we are happy to help dentists across the country with all of their direct mail marketing needs. If you would like to find out more about our personalized marketing solutions, please give Strategic Marketing Solutions a call today. We’ll be happy to walk you through all of our available marketing services and help you create a direct mail plan that meets your practice’s unique needs.

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