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Dental Direct Mail Marketing Strategies that Work!

February 19, 2018

Smiling woman in dental chair giving thumbs upAre you opening a new dental office and don’t know how to spread the word about your practice? If you haven’t considered direct mail marketing, you might want to. With the right plan, you can target your ideal demographic and have patients lined up before you even open your doors. Are you looking to expand an existing client base or build revenue with a new service? Direct mail marketing can work for you as well. The key is creating the right strategy to effectively bring in patients. In this post, we’ll discuss four direct mail marketing strategies that are proven to work for dental offices, and how Strategic Marketing Solutions can help you create or build your patient list.

1 – Make Them an Offer They Won’t Refuse

No matter what research you look at, the number one thing that makes people respond to direct mail marketing is the offer. It needs to be something good enough to make them immediately pick up the phone and call your office. The first step is making sure they see the offer. It should be easy to find and stated clearly. A clearly stated offer should include who you are, what you’re offering, and why they should call your practice to get started. Remember, the offer needs to be good enough that they won’t just add your beautiful postcard to the recycling bin.

2 – Put Your Best Foot Forward

Have you ever stared at an endless reel of vacation photos of buildings with no interest only to find yourself perking up when you see a human in the picture? People are naturally more interested in other people. The most beautifully designed postcard may not catch someone’s eye, but when you add a human face, people stop to look. That’s why we encourage dentists to put themselves and/or their dental team front and center on the postcard. This will immediately set you apart from the stack of boring mail. Potential patients are also typically more interested in getting to know you and your team than they are with any other aspect of dental care, so we recommend including short biographical information as part of the card’s design.

3 – For Postcards, Bigger is Better

Studies show that smaller postcards end up in the recycling while larger, higher quality cards are more likely to at least be examined. The most recent research indicates cards that are 6×8 or larger are the ideal size.

4 – Target Your Audience

Finally, you need to send your postcards to the right people. If your office primarily treats adults, you don’t want to send direct mail materials to families with small children, but if you’re a family practice, that’s exactly who you’re looking for. We can help you find the best potential patients and speak to them directly.

Let Strategic Marketing Solutions Help

Are you ready to start driving revenue for a new office or new dental service? Call Strategic Marketing Solutions today. We can design a gorgeous direct mail postcard that will catch and hold people’s attention. Then, we create a customized mailing list to help you reach your target demographic. We can’t wait to help you with all of your dental practice marketing needs.

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