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About Strategic Marketing Solutions

Strategic Marketing Solutions is a full-service direct mail marketing company offering custom design, print, and mail services to small businesses that want to attract local customers. We also offer a complimentary call tracking service and marketing analytics so you can always know the effectiveness of your campaign and improve its performance.

We are a friendly bunch that will treat your project with great care and professionalism. Whether your business is large or small, we will do all we can to present it in the best possible light. Strategic Marketing Solutions provides all the same services that an in-house marketing department can – minus the headache!

We Only Help Small Businesses

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Most marketing companies try to be all things to all people, and what you end up with is generic advertising that doesn’t make you or your potential customers happy. At SMS, we’ve chosen to concentrate solely on small businesses because it enables us to focus and better understand everything it entails. When you’re working with us, you won’t have to explain the basics of your business or what your customers are looking for because we’ve already done all our homework, enabling us to give you a customized campaign that’s specifically designed to meet your needs.


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We’ve heard countless stories from our clients about how they couldn’t get their last “marketing person” on the phone to save their life. When you partner with us, you will be given one dedicated point-person who will serve as your single point of communication. They’ll always be available to you, and they’ll always be the one with answers. You’ll never get the runaround or sit waiting on the phone because they will be completely dedicated to meeting your needs in a timely and prompt manner.


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Want to know how we’re doing for your business? We’ll tell you, and we won’t just use words, we’ll use hard data. We meticulously track everything that we do from our direct mailing campaigns to the calls coming into your business. We’ll be able to tell you, to the exact decimal point, what kind of numbers we’re producing for you. We’ll always be forthcoming, and we’ll always get you the answers you want right when you need them.


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Our goal isn’t just to get more customers through your doors, but the right kinds of customers. Our services are built on proven marketing strategies that involve extreme precision and targeted demographics so no matter what type of customer you’re looking for, we can get them to come to you. In the end, our goal is to always return to your business an investment multiple times larger than anything you’ve spent with us.